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Job Description

  • Are you quick to respond when someone needs you?

  • Do you love paying attention to details?

  • Do you love checklists and being organized & enjoy helping others be organized?

  • Is feedback important to you, to know you did a good job?

  • Do your friends call you reliable & responsible?

  • Do you make sure each gift you give is personalized to the person you give it to?

  • Is quality, consistency & presentation important to you?

  • Do you enjoy selling through service?

  • Do you always follow through until the task is complete?

Looking for a driven, self motivated individual willing to help clients with household tasks (all virtual) for 20-40 hours a week. The job is flexible to your schedule, but requires thorough communication and responsiveness. Looking for someone that enjoys technology & can use tools like CRMs, Email, Calendars & Slack. The ideal candidate has some professional work experience.

The ideal candidate is willing to be part of a start-up company with a strong mission. We help full-time working women turn time from household tasks into time invested in themselves and their family. We help take on these tasks and manage their to-do lists for them. This is fun work, but it's not easy. You must learn your client and deliver things just they way they want it. You must be dedicated and be willing to work through the kinks of the start up and let the mission drive you.

Starts at $15 per hour, can be more depending on qualifications. You’ll actually be paid by task, so the more efficient you are the more you get paid, keeping strong attention to quality so that you keep your clients and grow your business. This role is 1099 contractor, not a full-time employee. We will train and guide you in our processes, but you have full control over your schedule.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Regular scheduled phone calls with your clients

  • Through phone and email, uncover needs to be met and track them in Teamwork system

  • Will complete requests and communicate status of tasks

  • Responsible for selling through service, continuing to help uncover tasks you can help with, listening for the details in what the client shares with you

  • Work with the client to think about how they want to spend their time instead and challenge them to stay accountable to their goals

Clients tasks include (but not limited to):

  • Meal planning

  • Shopping for gifts

  • Calling home professionals for quotes

  • Customer service help

  • Reminding me of things I need or want to do

About the Company.
In 2018, 52% of working women said their responsibilities at home were causing burnout. Now with Covid-19, more than 1.3 million women have already left the workforce. Women now make up almost half the workforce in America. This new world of women wanting both a career and a family requires a new modern solution to help alleviate the guilt and stress women have. Join our mission in bringing women relief of mind through virtual assistance!

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