Our Story

IronSun was born from a career driven woman who worked hard at her career before having a family. Then came husband and baby, true joys in life, but reality crashed down around her as she realized very quickly that we can’t have it all. Going all in on career and family simply wasn’t real life...8 hours at work and 2-3 hours in the evening with baby just wasn’t a fair balance.


Continuing on in life, as we do, she had her second baby and then reality hit even harder as postpartum, an unwelcome thief, invaded their lives. Anxiety, stress and dark days loomed. This message of leaning in was a lie that kept her tied to her career over family. She had to rebuild her life, one piece at a time. 

Through this struggle IronSun was born. A harmony of community and faith. Iron coming from the old Proverb As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Women who would cry with her, love her and share similar experiences with her. And Sun coming from learning to get off the computer and spend more time in the sun, healing, breathing, living in the moment. This company was built with each working mom in mind. We are committed to giving you time back, relief from the mental load you carry and helping you live a life you love.